Divinity II Patch and Demo Coming Soon

Larian Studios' Swen Vincke paid a visit to the official Divinity II forums this weekend to summarize the additions and fixes they're making in the game's next patch (all of which will be included in the North American version of the game). He also mentions that a demo is in the works, which I'd assume is going to coincide with the NA release:
I just wanted to give you the update on the next patch. The US release contains a number of fixes and improvements, based upon your feedback, and the new patch has been derived from that. It's currently in QA but as the game is pretty big and they need to test it against all the different language versions and both platforms, it might still take a bit of time before it's released, but we're trying to get it done as soon as possible. To give you an idea of what the new patch contains, here's a small (but not finite) list:

-New targetting system
-No more getting stuck on dynamic objects
-More hints on the map
-Weapons now hit multiple enemies if they are standing within the arc the weapon makes
-No more delays between skills and attacks i.e. the avatar reacts much faster in combat
-A bunch of fixes and other improvements

We'll keep you posted on when it clears QA.

There's also a demo in the works which should be clearing pretty soon too.

Apologies for the time it's taking, but nowadays it takes longer to test something than to actually implement it, but I really hope it'll be released soon.