EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate Interview

Ten Ton Hammer managed to track down EverQuest II producer Alan Crosby for a quick Q&A about the new locations, armor sets, and raids we'll be experiencing in the game's upcoming Sentinel's Fate expansion pack.
Ten Ton Hammer: Previous EQ2 expansions have also taken us back to old zones, so we're well familiar with the concept. However, some zones like Karnor's Castle were more reminiscent of the old zones than others, having similar geography and textures. Will players immediately recognize these zones as appearing much the way they did in Classic EQ?

Alan: Well, they are revamped. For example Paineel is a city that thrived for a while after original EverQuest and then it fell into disarray and decay, and you'll understand why as you get into the story line. So there are things that are reminiscent, but it's not the same city. The Hole, as well. You're going to see a lot of the same monster types, but it also has changed a lot.

We want to have that touch of nostalgia. We want to have it so that you recognize it as the place you once knew, but we're not going to have it like, as you pointed out, Karnor's Castle, where you still get the great trains that people enjoyed in the original EverQuest.