Fallout’s Future

Seemingly oblivious to the fact that both Fallout Online and Fallout: New Vegas have already been in development for some time, Critical Gamer takes us through a few ideas that they think would work well for a future installment to the Fallout franchise.
Much like the salvation of parts to build custom weapons, could we see a similar system put in place for building your own car, truck, dune buggy or even tank? The weight ratio for salvaging parts for this reason would play a big factor in your inventory for sure, but wouldn't it be cool to be able to tear up the wastes in your own custom built set of wheels? Getting from A to B would certainly be easier, and after you've got a working vehicle it could be used for transporting more parts more easily. If you fancy a hulking great gun-turreted monster truck for splatting Deathclaws like hedgehogs all you have to do is find the bits and the instructions. Likewise, a nimble, zippy quad-bike could get you out of harm's reach and home faster than a speeding Yow-gui in situations fast travel just wouldn't allow. An almost Mad-Max atmosphere could be born from this, whereby meeting similarly equipped Raiders or Enclave forces would result in high-speed, wasteland car chases. Teaming up with a friend online, where one could drive and the other ride shot-gun could see some intense co-op gameplay too. Again, taking this idea online could see the rise of Destruction Derby style, Thunderdrome type battles where the last machine with a running motor wins. Different fuel types could be used to make a pro-con system as well, where something like solar power would be slow, steady but plentiful. Or petrol and diesel (available as a pick-up) would give more power and speed.


Live, online worlds are becoming more and more manageable as we march ever more confidently into our digital era, but I honestly feel that a multiplayer mode in Fallout would be the wrong way to go. In the vein of Halo or MAG at least, due to the V.A.T.S system that Fallout has this would be nearly impossible for fair play, though a co-op mode could be beneficial to Fallout's world I think. You could meet up with friends and tackle super mutant behemoths together, storm raider camps for a good old looting or even do point-by-point sweeps of large, decrepit buildings. This would allow you to search for specific items together, or even just meet up to barter with each other for stuff. Which brings me neatly onto my next idea; A marketplace.