Torchlight Reviews

Hopefully we'll be seeing the MMO version of Runic Games' Torchlight in the not-too-distant future, as the single player version continues to bring in near perfect review scores.

GamePro slaps it with a 4.5/5:
In refining the Diablo experience, Runic has put its own stamp on the genre with Torchlight. With fast-paced combat, a distinct atmosphere, a variety of options to help you explore the dungeons, and a recession-friendly $20 price, Torchlight is a wonderful choice for gamers looking to tide them over until Diablo 3. Just don't be surprised if you find this appetizer to be just as satisfying as a full meal.

And Ten Ton Hammer goes with an "A":
More than a few of Torchlight's developers at Runic Games - the brothers Max and Erich Schaefer and composer Matt Uelman - were originals at Blizzard North on Diablo I & II. With such an explosive pedigree, we expected a high quality game built on well-established (if not extremely innovative) game mechanics. We didn't expect a highly addictive, chock full of glorious OP-ness dungeon crawler whose miniscule pricepoint ($19.99) and hard drive footprint (550 MB) make it the kind of game that's easy to recommend to just about any type of gamer. If you like loot and levels (and who doesn't?), you should definitely give Torchlight a shot.