BioWare's Other Half Hit With Layoffs

Remember when EA purchased BioWare/Pandemic just over two years ago and there was much happiness and excitement surrounding the acquisition? Something tells me the joy has since been replaced with something else, at least on the Pandemic side of things. After shutting down one of Pandemic's studios earlier this year, EA has now included what remains of Pandemic in the 1500 layoffs they're reportedly doling out worldwide.
Also said to be affected heavily are Spore and former-Sims studio EA Maxis, social network gaming acquisition Rupture Studios, and Mercenaries and The Saboteur creators Pandemic Studios LA. Those development studios are said to be hit with substantial layoffs, according to a source, with remaining employees relocated to EA headquarters in Los Angeles and Redwood Shores.

EA is rumored to have already laid off staff at Tiburon, Mythic Entertainment and Black Box, reports which the company has yet to confirm.
Mythic Entertainment, Pandemic Studios, Maxis, Tiburon, Black Box... who's next?