Eight BioWare Moments That Shocked Us

Apparently BioWare didn't even exist prior to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, because none of the company's eight most "shocking" moments cited by GameDaily go back any farther than 2003.
Jade Empire: That little girl's got bite!

As you make your way through Bioware's awesome kung-fu laden adventure, you'll run into a handful of memorable characters. Among them is a creepy little girl, one with a glowing stare and a deep, harrowing voice. That's just the least of her problems, though. During combat, she actually transforms into a tall, harrowing beast, able to scratch away at enemies with her claws. And we thought the girl from the movie Orphan was creepy. This one's got her beat by a mile.
How about the realization that we were a Bhaalspawn? That Yoshimo was a traitor? That we were going up against Demogorgon himself? Or maybe that Electronic Arts just purchased one of our favorite RPG developers?