The Dark Eye: Demonicon Preview

The folks over at XboxMessiah have put together a quick preview of The Dark Eye: Demonicon, Silver Style's forthcoming multi-platform RPG based on the Das Schwarze Auge ruleset.
The game is set in the year 1032, after the fall of the once mighty empire of Bosporan and some fifteen years after Aventuria was ravaged by the dreadful warlock Borborad and prophecies predicted the end of the current age. Born into increasingly uncertain times, you are raised by your adoptive parents on the borders of the Black Lands; your only happiness in life being your friendship with the dreamy merchants daughter, Calandra

The story begins when you find out that your adopted father is an attempted murderer, an ostracized one. He chased your beloved Calandra, the love of your life with the intent to murder her in cold blood Or so you are told by the scheming powers that be. But is your loving father really a murderer? Did he really intend to kill your beautiful Calandra or is he the target of vicious slander? Beware as you're enemies are many and the secretive half-elf Rhynn seems to be your only ally. Your quest for truth will lead you into THE most dangerous regions of Aventuria and deep into the shadows. Step by step you are forced explore the terrible Black Lands, infamous for their sinister characters and the most terrifying, dangerous monsters ever to walk on Aventurias' soil and it isn't long before you realize you are part of something much bigger than you'd ever imagined; events that will shake the very foundations of YOUR world. Your actions and decisions from this point on will decide the fate of the world. Your physical metal and moral fiber will be put to the test. You can count on it.