Torchlight Patch Coming Soon

With Torchlight's first patch already planned for release in the coming days, Runic Games' Travis Baldree has posted some preliminary patch notes containing a list of bugs they intend to address on this first pass.
A) Missing saves - obviously this is a critical issue, but the circumstances of it seem pretty variable. We are under active investigation and trying to solve this as quickly as possible. We are gathering a few guinea pigs to take test builds to see if we can isolate and protect against this issue. ( Overwrite protection added, as well as save backups for last save - we don't consider this resolved yet, though - 11:46AM )
( OVERWRITE FOUND! WORKAROUND POSSIBLE! DO NOT press Enter to create your character - use the OK button. If you do not, there is the potential of using the wrong savefile name when entering the game, thus wiping a previous character. Fixed 9:49PM)

B) Long load times - We are actively investigating this now, and have some possible leads (UPDATE - FIXED - 2 fixes actually! ISAWHIM's fix, as well as several internal fixes to the way that resources are handled should really help this )

C) Poor ingame performance on certain machines, when there really shouldn't be - this may be related to B) - under investigation ( UPDATE - some improvement due to B's fix as well! )

D) Certain antivirus programs (Avira Antivir) incorrectly report that the Torchlight.exe file in the packages from Perfect World and Runic is infected with TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen. We are in contact with the vendor to address this issue.

E) Needle arc XP issue - fixed

F) Stacking Shadow Armor effects - fixed

G) Vendor Dupe bug with always-available vendor items - reproduced, should be fixed today. (UPDATE! Fixed 12:32PM )

H) Startup issues on some hardware/resolution combinations. We think we know what this is, and are probably going to refactor some of the startup fullscreen code in an attempt to take care of it. We may gather a few guinea pigs to help us out. ( UPDATE - FIXED! 2:43AM! I AM GOING TO BED! )

I) Brink bug ( Brink doesn't follow you on subsequent plays, and fails to show up at cinematic ) Fixed

J) Store 'thief' bug - fixed

K) Right clicking in inventory casts certain spells - ( Fixed Oct 29th 3:00PM )

L) Console not activating on Steam builds - fixed

M) ADDITION : Rimlights, HW Skinning, and VSynch can all be altered from the Settings menu now.

N) Syl Bug : Fixed issue with Syl not being "skippable" during first boss fight. ( FIXED Oct. 29th 1:20pm )

0) DOT Deaths not dropping loot. ( FIXED Oct. 29th 1:20pm )

P) Quest items no longer allowed in stash ( Fixed Oct 29th 4:00PM )

Q) Several level fixes for a few places where things overlapped, or collision was missing, or stuck-issues cropped up

R) Fixed texture/mesh/ replacement stuff for mods

S) You can now change difficulty level on the fly from the console without being branded a Cheater ( UNLESS you're playing hardcore ) ( Oct 29th 11:46AM )

T) Some minion kills not providing Fame from champions ( most seem to work - perhaps an exception? ) - ( Pet minions were not awarding fame - fixed )

U) Fixed issue with loading Mods taking the game an excessive amount of time to start up. - FIXED Oct. 31

V) Pets inherit your spell masteries

W) Magic find takes the max value between you and your pet when pets or pet minions make a kill

X) Visible/increasing chance of stripping enchants via enchanter. Price based on # of enchants.

Y) Troll and Aloe Gel pets were possible to kill - fixed

Z) Tree Boss could be charmed - fixed

A1) Checkpoint Server issue - in investigation at Yummy
You have our great apologies if you are experiencing one of these issues ( or other issues not listed here yet ).

B1) Returning to town if you died by the Ember Colossus or Medea would make them dormant on return - fixed.

Possible Fixes that Might Make it into the patch:
A) Hardware skinning issue with Pets on the Main Menu - Fixed
B) Bad state when fighting the first henchmen attempting to save Syl - Fixed