Torchlight Review

Following closely behind, the folks at Torchlight Insider have also come up with a glowing review of Runic Games' hack 'n slasher. Their final score is a 9.5/10, with this conclusion:
Overall, the game is simply amazing. If you enjoy Diablo, Diablo 2, Fate, or Mythos, you will love Torchlight. If you've never played the games, Torchlight is worth a try. The game is the most involving, immersive Action/RPG of its kind that I've played, and I HIGHLY recommend you at least pick it up. If not, you're missing out.

Mega thumbs up to the Runic Games team for developing this game in a year and making such a polished game. There have been a few reports of crashes, but one crash in 12 hours of gaming with no breaks for your computer isn't always the game's fault. Sometimes bosses will try to hide in corners or escape their main chambers to cause some problems, but again, this is a minor/non-issue.