Gothic 3 v1.73 Community Patch Released

As promised back in August, the v1.73 community patch for Gothic 3 has finally made its way to the Internet. Here are the patch notes, with the addition of the v1.72 notes (which we apparently missed):

Community Patch v1.73

- Texture/Shadow/Light flickering eliminated (occured on ATI 4xxx serie cards).
- Bug corrected where audio system always cached out sound even if property said "no".
- Some minor bug fixes and improvements.
+ Added czech manual to installer.
- Modding manuals updated.

+ HDR Rendering.
+ Soft particles.
+ Improved bloom effect.
+ Leaf subsurface scattering (only with activated Rim Lighting and Shader 3.0).
+ Heat haze. (At minimum Shader 2.0. Always on, exception: few fire places, because the world has not been recompiled).
- Terrain shadows on faraway trees corrected.
- Some texture/material changes.

- Saturas now also hands out his key when the hero talks to him the first time ever after exploring Al Shedim.
+ Some info file parameters added.
+ "Storyhelper" (sh) has more detailed dialog options to increase or decrease reputation.
- Some speech outputs in russian game version corrected.
- The hero now drinks the bottle of booze he gets from Flint.
- Tippler, Hjalte and Garik now drink booze at adequate points of the conversations, Hjalte also eats some meat.
- If Ugolf tells the hero about Tjalf's chest, there's an additional small piece of dialog available after looting the chest.
- Dialog with Masil after cancellation of the quest "Debt and debility" corrected.
+ Subtitles are available now when the hero reads out what he finds at bookstands and stone tablets.

+ Some quest file parameters added.

Ingame menus
- Icons of cudgel, heavy branch, Nordmarian sword, recipe for mana potion, recipe for Nordmarian sword, recipe for El Bastardo, Meteor and the perk "Take animal skins" corrected or improved, resp.

- It's not possible anymore to get Lester's, Ilja's and Yussuf's temple key and Masil's promissory notes twice.

NPC behaviour
+ New "political" alignment PAL_Pirate. (Not actually in use yet.)
+ NPCs now can react aggressive on armor of other "political" fractions. (Not actually in use yet.)

Perks and magic
+ New scroll "Group Hypnosis".
+ New function "MagicSummonCompanion" for new kinds of summoned companions. (Not actually in use yet.)

- Some errors in German texts corrected.
- Some errors in Italian texts corrected.

Only with AI switch turned on:
- Whirlwind attacks with two-handed weapons can now be blocked completely.
- A strong hit with two swords will break through a block.

The following fixes will only become effective when a new game is started, but not in already existing save games:
- Sigmor's chest is no "weapon chest" anymore (error from CP 1.70).
- El Bastardo corrected.
- Krush Irmak afflicts damage again

XI. Community Patch v1.72

- Fixed some installer issues (remove unistall QP3, russian manual etc).
- Added italian manual to installer.
- Updated docs ru/it/pl.
- Updated strings (de/ru) and speech (ru).
- Small change for font issue.
- The hero can also block directly after a leftclick while holding a shield.