Gothic 3 v1.73 Community Patch Announced

Did you really believe there wouldn't be anymore Gothic 3 community patches? Well, according to an announcement on World of Gothic, we're going to get another one in September. Here's what to expect:
The original reason for this was to offer the modders somewhat more and to add some tools which should help modders with their work. Still in the meantime the modkit for G3 and G3FG has been announced, we decided not to include any tools anymore.

Some of us have had a good mind to change some things which couldn't create anymore in previous CP 1.7x versions.

+ HDR Rendering.
+ Improved bloom effect.
- Bug corrected where audio system always cached out sound even if property said "no".
+ Some Info/Quest commands added.
- Saturas now also hands out his key when the hero first talks to him after exploring Al Shedim.
- Texture/Shadow/Light flickering (usually occurs on ATI HD4xxx serie cards) eliminated.
+ Leaf subsurface scattering (only with activated Rim Lighting and Shader 3.0)
+ Heat haze (at minimum Shader 2.0; always on; exception: few fire places because of recompiling the world).
- Mana recipe icon corrected.
- Faraway trees project terrain shadows corrected.