BioShock 2 Preview

The folks over at Gamestyle have penned a quick preview of BioShock 2, 2K Games' follow-up to 2007's popular FPS/RPG-lite hybrid.  A little something to get you started:

An interesting premise and the move towards a Big Daddy main character is a brave one, as they are not the most emotional or charismatic of lead roles. The combat may also suffer although the return of Plasmids will hopefully ensure a little more variety when faced with psychotic enemies. Speaking of which, Gamestyle has its fingers crossed that the opponent AI is more varied than the gung-ho strands evident in the first adventure.

More depth is promised with the ability to dual-wield weaponry and tinker with Plasmids, thereby creating unique combinations and potential solutions. For many players just simply returning to Rapture is enough of an enticement to pick up BioShock 2.