BioShock 2 Preview

2K Marin's BioShock sequel is the subject of yet another preview, and this time it's over at SFX360.
Considering the fact that you are the most powerful force moving through the halls of Rapture, most Splicers will cower in fear of your presense or at least when they hear your heavy footsteps. While this may be true there is one that is not happy with you. Enter the Big Sister. Word is this new menace is in fact a former Little Sister who wants to bring Rapture back from the insanity it has become. She is Rapure's watchful eye over the remaining Little Sisters, and her eye is currently fixated on you. In the beginning she is just observing you, but as your progress deeper into the depths of the city she may in fact have other plans in store for you so beware of her wrath.