BioShock 2 Preview

OXM has slapped up a five-page preview of BioShock 2 after receiving a demonstration of the sequel from 2K Marin creative director Jordan Thomas.
What's the best way to beat a fellow Big Daddy? With careful planning and strategy, taking advantage of both your plasmids and your weapons. You might place a Cyclone Trap for him to step on, or, as 2K did in our demo, lay down a row of Trap Rivets; these proximity weapons shoot approaching enemies, and are special ammo for your Rivet Gun. In our demo, our Big Daddy machine-gunned the Bouncer to get his attention, threw a barrel at him with Telekinesis, and then sneakily lured him through the row of Trap Rivets. As in multiplayer, the new ability to launch plasmid attacks and fire weapons at the same time makes combat easier and encourages combos like following up a sizzling electro bolt with a booming shotgun blast. Poor enemies.

Once her Daddy dies, you can adopt the Little Sister and she'll begin scouting Adam. Because you need lots of it, this mission poses several scenarios where you need to keep Splicers from snagging your Sister while she's harvesting a corpse. (These aren't escort quests where you're protecting her,) Thomas emphasizes. (They're efficiency encounters where you're trying to keep Splicers from making it through your defenses and grabbing her, which will attract even more Splicers.) So while you could play them run-and-gun style sticking to weapons like your drill for blood-spurting chainsaw attacks you're best off rigging the environment as well: laying Trap Rivet fences, hacking turrets and health stations so they injure opponents, and so on.