BioShock 2 Preview and Pre-Order Bonuses

In addition to a new BioShock 2 preview on YourEMGN, 2K's Cult of Rapture website brings word that pre-ordering the game from GameStop will score you two more Rapture citizens to play in multiplayer. First, the preview:
Alternatively, in contrast to other Big Daddies, the player may also use plasmids, while "upgrade trees" will provide unique ways to upgrade them. A new feature added is the ability to dual-wield plasmids and weapons at the same time. Further Big Daddy abilities found in the first game, such as performing a shoulder dash, will also be an option. The player will also be able to step outside Rapture into the ocean due to the diving suit they wear. Here the player can explore the ocean floor, recover from fights, marvel at the city from the outside and even pick up the special sea slugs at the ocean floor to gain more ADAM. These sea slugs create ADAM, the genetic material for the production of Plasmids. The Big Sister also appears to be a very serious threat to the player. When a certain number of Big Daddies are killed she will attack. Unlike the Big Daddies, she is lightning quick and arguably more powerful, able to extract ADAM from her enemies through a harvesting needle, straight into her bloodstream, which fuels "telekinetic abilities beyond anything previously thought possible".

And then the pre-order details:
Rapturians who pre-order BioShock 2 at GameStop in the US or EB Games in Canada will receive a special bonus of two extra Rapture citizens to play in Multiplayer: Zigo d'Acosta and Mlle Blanche de Glace. The duo will be available via special codes in all editions of BioShock 2 sold at GameStop in the US or EB Games in Canada. Pre-order at your nearest store or online at, and stay tuned to the Cult of Rapture to learn more about European pre-order programs and all multiplayer characters in the coming weeks.