GB Feature: Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta DLC Explored

As expected, we've put together a full review, a comprehensive walkthrough, a profile of the new perk, equipment database additions, a batch of new screenshots, and a set of achievements for Bethesda's fifth and final Fallout 3 DLC installment. A bit of what to expect from the review:
Then there are the enemies -- all three of them. Despite the DLC being combat-oriented, with almost nothing in the way of meaningful dialogue, quests or decisions, you keep fighting the same enemies -- aliens, robotic drones, and odd creatures called abominations -- over and over again. Worse, the enemies all drop the same limited number of alien items, including a grand total of four new types of weapons, and so looting your kills and the numerous containers in the mothership isn't a lot of fun, either.