Playing Favorites: BioWare's Ray Muzyka

BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka has conjured up a list of his ten favorite video games for IndustryGamers' latest "Playing Favorites" feature. BioShock (#10), World of Warcraft (#), Ultima IV (#4), Wasteland/Fallout (tied for #3), Wizardry I (#2), and System Shock (#1) all receive the doctor's recognition.
My second-favorite game of all time and the very first RPG I ever played, from way back in 1980. I remember when I bought it, it was a choice between this game and Ultima O: Alkalabeth - I ended up getting that one too of course. Proof of how much I liked this game: I actually wore out the Wizardry disc on my Apple II; I played it so much back in the '˜80s that I still have the names of the spells memorized, 30 years later; I installed an Apple II emulator on my PDA so I could run it now!
Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord was one of the first RPGs I played, too. Great memories.