BioShock 2 Preview

Planet Xbox 360 has dished up a brief preview of BioShock 2, though it looks to be based on existing information rather than a hands-on demonstration.
Players will be armed with the familiar drill gun and Plasmids of which will be able to be dual wielded making that prominent bulbous figure of the Big Daddy much more intimidating. Fans of the first wil remember their conscience being examined by the choice to harvest or save little sisters and this will continue into Sea of Dreams with an added option to adopt the little sisters which will mean players have the duty of protecting their little friends as well as themselves. As a result of your 2-ton diving suit players will also be able to take part in some deep-sea exploration where players can find plasmid enhancers and other goodies around the world of rapture. With such an epic story being the backbone to Bioshock fans of the series will be naturally tentative to how the saga continues. Ten years later rapture is in a terrible state only the strongest splicer's have survived the events of a decade ago meaning the enemies you face this time around are much more challenging. With Rapture without a leader a highly skilled Big Sister has self appointed herself as ruler of Rapture acquiring amazing telekinetic skills, strength and speed no one can argue.