Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Reviews

It's time to round up the latest wave of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel reviews, all of which appear to be based on the console editions.

We start off at Console Monster with a score of 70%:
With all the major issues Sacred 2 seems to encounter, the game is still very enjoyable and additive. Even with my concerns in the game, I still managed to clock over 30 hours of addictive levelling gameplay, without really touching on quarter of the quests or character story arcs. Online play is really where the heart of this title is, but with a little care and some patching Sacred 2 is defiantly a title worth picking up in the long wait for Diablo.

The second is at XboxAddict with a score of 71%:
Sacred 2 has a wide array of things you would expect in a vast looting RPG. You'll be able to forge weapons into more powerful weapons, and learn new skills and combat arts. You'll earn skills points which can be used to build up your attributes and skill levels. The level cap for characters in the game is 200, which should give players plenty of playing time with their favorite created character. Overall the game as a whole is a lot of fun to play and does a lot of things right. Unfortunately there are a few glaring issues that seem to hold it back somewhat and keep it from being a truly great game. I have enjoyed the time I spent with it and will spend many more hours without a doubt. If you like looting games then you should definitely pick this one up. The single player alone is fun, but being able to play online with buddies or go into PvP mode is all the more bonus and makes this game stand alone in its class on the console. There is so much detail I could go into within the game and much of it is done very well and will not disappoint the most diehard dungeon crawler fans. Do yourself a favor and check this title out.

The third is at with a score of 4/5:
In the end, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a massive action RPG that is highly recommended. It takes a while to get its hooks in you, and at first the menus and interface and experience system are pretty confusing, but once you figure everything out it is one of the most addictive and satisfying games around. It should be noted, however, that this is a game that is much better and much more enjoyable when you play with other people. Whether it is on Xbox Live or someone on the couch next to you, Sacred 2 is a game that needs to be played co-op. If you plan to play by yourself I can't really recommend it. If you do have friends to play with and you have a lot of time to spend (seriously, this game is huge), Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is recommended for a purchase.

The fourth is at PushSquare with a score of 3/4:
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is actually a surprisingly engaging RPG-meets-hack-and-slash affair. Despite issues with its main plot-line and unnecessarily large map, this is the perfect couch RPG. Once you pop, it's kinda hard to stop.

The fifth is at Default Prime with no score:
All in all the game was pretty good. I played it on the Xbox 360, so I didn't have as many of the bugs and problems that PC users had. The game looked great and played pretty well, and the hack-and-slashing in the game worked great. The co-op is fun and the pacing as you level up through the game wasn't a problem with. The downsides is that if you can resurrect fallen enemies or animals (like Bremmy was prone to doing every second), their artificial intelligence is pretty much shit, so you can't really depend on them much. The camera can be annoying at times but can easily be overlooked if you haven't played hack-and-slash's before, and the dialogue to say the least, leaves a shit ton to be desired. So if you're picking the game up for the PC, know what you're getting into, and look up the bugs and problems. But if you're picking the game up for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, go out and rent it first, and see what you think about it. It's a solid game, but if you don't like it, you really won't like it.

The sixth is at PopMatters with a score of 6/10:
At times, playing Sacred II feels more like manipulating a database than saving a world from evil given how so much time is spent searching for rare magic items and in completing interchangeable quests. But oh what a fun database it proves to be.

The seventh is at DailyJoypad with a score of 4/5:
This is where the Marmite effect comes into play, if you don't mind the lack of flair compared to recent RPG heavyweights, and you are not bothered about the overhead/isometric/3rd Person view then you will simply love the game. If grinding up through experience levels, going on long dungeon crawls, and games like World of Warcraft feel simply to nerdy to think about for you then stop reading this now and go and play Call of Duty or something. If you're sitting on the fence right now wondering if you would like Sacred 2, or even Marmite, then I would urge you to try the game, you will be surprised.

And the eighth is at 360Junkies with a score of 9/10:
If you like hack and slash games where you fight wave upon wave of enemies and loot hundreds of items, then you can seriously cannot go wrong with this title. There are beautiful regions from deserts to swamps to lovely cities, fantastic enemies and some seriously deep customisation options. It's a definite contender for my personal Game of the Year; it is everything I could want in a game and more.