BioShock 2 Interview

2K Marin executive producer Alyssa Finley continues to make the rounds talking about BioShock 2, with the latest interview surfacing at CVG.
How has the story progressed in BioShock 2 and how has Rapture changed?

Finley: Jack left a bit of a power vacuum behind when he left Rapture -- different people, with different ideologies stepped in to fill in where Ryan and Fontaine left off. In the last 10 years, the normal business of Rapture that took place under Andrew Ryan's reign has not been taking place, and instead, splicers and survivors have been using whatever means possible to survive within the city.


Have you developed RPG elements in the sequel?

Finley: BioShock 2 is very similar to BioShock 1 in that it offers the ability for character growth and character customisation without forcing the player to make permanent, irreversible choices.