GB Feature: Dragon Age Tabletop RPG Interview

Intrigued by the idea of BioWare entering entirely new territory, we sent off some questions to Green Ronin's Chris Pramas about their upcoming Dragon Age tabletop RPG.
GB: If the tabletop version is successful, do you intend to expand the initial offering with more books and modules over time? Where would you like to see this project go in its first year? How about five years?

Chris: Yes indeed. As I mentioned, the first set covers levels 1-5. We'll be doing additional sets to cover levels 6-10, 11-15, and 16-20. We'll be supplementing that with adventures and other material. What I like about this approach is that we're not asking you to buy an intro set and then buy the (real game.) The intro set is the game and you're just building on it.

In a year I'd like to see the second set out and a thriving community of Dragon Age players. In five years I hope to see a whole bunch of new tabletop RPGs who got into the hobby because of Dragon Age. Traditionally, most RPG companies leave acquisition of new blood to whoever is publishing D&D at the time. I think we need more gamers and I'm doing my best to make some!