Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Q&A, Part One

The MMO Gamer has cranked out the first portion of a conversation they had with Mythic Entertainment's Paul Barnett about Warhammer Online and several other unrelated topics. Here's a little something about Climax's previous iteration of Warhammer Online:
The MMO Gamer: Is that's why they stopped making their own version of Warhammer Online? The MMO that was cancelled before Mythic acquired the rights?

Paul Barnett: They had a set amount of money and patience.

The MMO Gamer: And they ran out?

Paul Barnett: They ran out as they came up against the realities of making these games, in that they're like birthing 500 pound cows.

The MMO Gamer: Mythic had more money and patience-and experience birthing 500 pound cows-than they did?

Paul Barnett: Well, I think it is always really difficult the first time around for anyone, and so Games Workshop, figuring out what it thought about computer games, and the Climax company figuring out how to make an MMO were always going to take longer, and be more painful.

Mythic had the blessings of 12 years of making these sorts of server support, server stability network code, client downloads, information stuff. They already had an awful lot of the wisdom, whereas first time round companies are trying to gain knowledge and wisdom.