Demigod Review

Game Informer brings us their review of Demigod, in which they give Stardock and Gas Powered Games' RTS/RPG crossbreed a score of 8/10.
Players evolve their demigods by buying items and assigning skill points. The game is well ­balanced; each of the eight unique demigods has multiple viable builds that can be tweaked any number of ways. Multiple paths of improvement encompass damage, defense, regeneration, movement debuffs, silences, and death explosions. The Queen of Thorns, for example, can be an army destroying area-effect powerhouse, a building-crushing siege engine, or a powerful support unit that focuses on damage mitigation and map control but not all at the same time. Global upgrades to buildings and grunts are also available. Experimenting with the myriad combinations of spells and items, especially when you start looking into team composition and ­inter-demigod synergies, is a deep and compelling metagame.