Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Unveiled

Bethesda has take the wraps off of their Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage DLC by sharing a variety of information about the update in a new interview on IGN.
IGN: The liberation of Anchorage must have taken place before the entire country was destroyed. How different will the art style be for this download?

Gardiner: Anchorage has a vastly different art style. It's taking place in the frozen north; so you have a very bright ice/snow color pallet. We've had a massive amount of art resources at our disposal, most of what the player will experience was created from scratch. We've also taken a lot of time to create a bunch of 'animation vignettes' to make the soldiers and other NPCs interact with the world in better, more convincing ways then anything we were able to do with the Fallout 3 main game.

IGN: Will Operation Anchorage include anything aside from new quests? Can we expect new weapons and armor to outfit our last best hope of humanity? What about new achievements?

Gardiner: It will include new weapons, armor and achievements! It's full of top-secret technology used by both sides during the war, which the player will of course be able to use throughout the main game as well.

IGN: Will the download bring any new perks? My cannibal is hungry for more.

Gardiner: Yes, there will be a new perk included with the content! I won't get into details, but it's named "Covert Ops."
The update will hit Microsoft's Live Marketplace in January for $10.