Dragon Age: Origins Site Update

BioWare's official Dragon Age: Origins website has been updated with a new creature profile, this time detailing the Deep Stalker.
Vicious predators of the dark, deep stalkers carve small tunnels through the stone in search of prey. Scaled like a lizard but with the head and frightful maw of a worm, the deep stalker walks and leaps on two legs and is able to curl up into a ball that will be indistinguishable from the stone around it. Rarely are there any signs of an impending deep stalker ambush, and even more rarely do unwary victims survive such an encounter. They attack with a mighty leap, their razor-sharp foot claws bared for the kill, or they spew acidic spittle that begins to digest their prey. The only chance most stalker victims get is when one of their companions falls; the stalkers are beasts, after all, and most will stop to devour a kill before moving on to the next fresh victim.

Deep stalkers are found throughout the Deep Roads. They feed on anything they can get their fangs on, including the harmless nugs, the deadly spiders, and even the vile darkspawn that walk the world below.