Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Peek #6

RPG Vault continues their series of Sacred 2 "peek" features with a sixth installment that focuses on the game's jungle region.
The great desert of Bengaresh might be a blighted wasteland, but it holds more civilization than the thick jungles to the south. The dense undergrowth twists and seemingly chokes the great world-trees that fill the air with a tangle of branches, vines and greenery not seen anywhere else in Ancaria. There isn't room to build a single hut, let alone a town or village, unless one is willing to hack away at the relentless undergrowth. Once people leaves an area, it doesn't take the vegetation long to reclaim it.

Those who reside here tend to do so only temporarily; archaeologist camps dot the interior of the jungle, each holding a handfuls of scholars whose pursuit of knowledge has them sweating and aching to carve history out of the clutches of the greenery. The ruins that lie here indicate the ancient Elven Empire indeed had a great reach; however, most theories were turned on their ears when it was found that this wasn't just a province, but rather its very heart.