Sacred 2: Fallen Angel DRM Interview

MTV Multiplayer has posted the results of a very short interview they had with CDV Software's Mario Kroll about the company's decision to allow gamers to share copies of Sacred 2 for 24 hours worth of free play.
(Nothing is, of course, uncrackable in the world of video games,) explained CDV director of marketing and PR Mario Kroll to MTV Multiplayer over e-mail. (Our intention is not to build Fort Knox (and thus surely irritating paying, legitimate customers), but instead to offer a sensible sharing solution that works for publishers and gamers.)

(Surely there will be cracks and unlock solutions,) continued Kroll, (but we're hoping that by extending the spirit of sharing and trying to be really unobtrusive in our approach, that consumers will do the right thing and reciprocate by paying for a high-value, high-quality game. I think with this approach, if it can be proven a success story, it will encourage other publishers to follow suit, rewarding those consumers that are fed up with other, overly draconian copy protection schemes impacting their enjoyment of games they bought.)