Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Reviews

Two more reviews of Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning have come in, and they're both pretty positive. The Armchair Empire gives it a 8/10.
The Warhammer world is rich in history [with Tome of Knowledge unlocks and experience providing players a reason to look for it] and I take my time in levelling to enjoy the content. So, my impressions of WAR which follow are based mostly on the first tier material and generally from the Order side.

Stepping into the Age of Reckoning for the first time, it is obvious that Mythic has delivered on some of its promises, while for others the execution is still lacking. After two weeks in WAR, let's look at the good, the bad and the iffy.
And Gamervision gives it a 8/10, as well.
Another unique concept implemented well in WAR is the public quest. Players can earn Influence by competing in large, outdoor quests with several stages. Stage One might involve killing 125 Greenskins, Stage Two might involve lighting signal flares defended by powerful enemies, and Stage Three might involve needing to kill the boss summoned by said flares. Each enemy killed and flare lit gives Influence, and after the stages are over the players are awarded modifiers towards a die roll to be among those who receive rewards for the PQ. If you're among the many who don't receive a reward, fret not, because Influence is saved on a Chapter by Chapter basis, and NPCs throughout the area reward class-specific gear based on the amount earned. It's a brilliant way to get players to work together, as the increasingly difficult waves are oftentimes far too difficult to complete without a full party, but the entire situation itself usually takes no longer then ten minutes.