Diablo III Preview

Planet Diablo brings us their impressions of Diablo III after checking out Blizzard's action RPG sequel firsthand at BlizzCon.
The hotbar is a Godsend. Nothing is better than having more than two active skills to choose from. While you don't have 40 icons like World of Warcraft, you can have somewhere around 6 active skills at a time, which is very convenient for getting out of sticky situations.

Quests are represented interestingly by a small pop-up menu with the quest title and details of the required tasks. (and a yellow exclamation point from the quest giver). It comes up when you first get a quest, and then fades. You can look at your quests by hitting "Q" on the keyboard.

Leveling up is probably the greatest thing I have seen yet. Imagine your self surrounded by a horde of zombies, you are clicking away, casting or swinging weapons, and all of a sudden you level up; Big deal right? Ok, let's take that one step further. When you level up in Diablo III , it does a massive damage area-of-effect skill. I was grinning from ear to ear.