Frayed Knights Dev Blog Update

Rampant Coyote updated the Frayed Knights dev blog, mostly to point out the game is still being worked on, and also to point to a video made by a community member of the first 5 minutes of Frayed Knights.
Not dead as a project, but for me, Frayed Knights has been non-functional for a couple of weeks. Merging my heavily modified 1.5 codebase for TGE and the 1.52 codebase for TGE plus the AFX special effects code, plus TGB 1.3 (the last version that was pretty compatible with TGE) overlayed on top of that felt a little like making a time machine out of a DeLorean. But since even a used DeLorean costs over $25,000, this option was more economical. Plus, I didn't run the risk of splitting up my parents before I was conceived and thus unmaking myself in a time-travelling paradox.

With the stress and long hours of the previous day job behind me (and let me tell you - the loss of that stress literally felt like the relief of a physical burden - I can't tell you how much BETTER I've been feeling the last three weeks), I've felt the strength and desire to proceed to the next phase of Frayed Knights' development. This allowed me to tackle the merge which I had been putting off. But the resulting problems frustrated me and reduced me back to "tinker" mode - I'd work on a map a little bit, make some design notes, add to my "wish list," and then go back to surfing the web and playing Wizardry 8. Yes, I can procrastinate with the best of 'em.

The saddest part? Fixing things, once I committed to doing it, only took a couple of hours. I am once again reminded that I work best on a milestone schedule, with a list of tasks I am (loosely) committed to completing by a certain date.