Arcania: A Gothic Tale Interview

Polish fansite Gothic 4 Center has published an interview with creative writer and community manager "EDL". The translation is a bit sloppy so it makes for somewhat tough reading. : Why for everyone one Arcania name will be and Thalliums, a bit of it saddened Gothic and it irritated fans, there is already even a petition with the request for Gothic 4 Arcania restoring for Europe.

EDL : We saw the petition and figured you have some problems with the name. It is interesting that the polish community does not like the name other communities do not have that problem. The name reflects the simple fact that a new chapter in the Gothic universe is about to be opened and that the times have changed. It is a new start in a well known world and we think it is a good idea. In the end is it is only a name and we hope to deliver a great game with the Gothic spirit. For us, it was important to keep Gothic as a part of the name is which Arcania is A Gothic Tale is does.