Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Peek #1

RPGVault starts up a new peek series for Sacred 2 with a look at the human area.
The humans' lands aren't completely without benefits, however; their forests tend to be thicker than elsewhere in Ancaria, making them ripe with game... and criminals hiding from what passes as the law. Nonetheless, some groups have taken to these woodlands, seeking the food and shelter the animals there provide.

Given the dearth of wealth and opportunity here, the land is inhabited almost exclusively by humans. The lack of other races bodes to the shortage of riches. Most residents live in the countryside in scrawny thatched huts. Those who inhabit the villages tend to erect half-timbered houses, which are small and cramped; the norm is for more than one family to live in each building. City dwellers tend to be not much better off, existing in the squalor and filth of overpopulated slums.