Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Preview

A brief preview of BioWare's Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood has surfaced over at Hooked Gamers.
In order to lead the Sonic crew around the map, players will need to use the touch screen, simply sliding the stylus in whichever direction you wish for them to move. To interact with surrounding objects, players have to tap them and then they will be able to engage in a conversation. If it just so happens that you encounter an enemy in the field, a battle sequence begins in which the overhead 2D perspective will turn into 3D. Like Partners in Time, the combat with enemies is all turn-based. Commands are all selected by the tapping them on the touch screen, and many attacks require real-time input from the player.

Navigating the fields isn't all about just fighting enemies and getting from point A to point B. Occasionally players encounter puzzles that require you to use all of your party's resources. By splitting your party up and sending them their own way, players will easily be able to conquer an obstacle that would have taken ages to complete if it had just been one character trying to solve it. Keeping with the tradition, you can collect rings in The Dark Brotherhood that are scattered throughout the game. Instead of a traditional 1-Up, players can redeem them for items and equipment at a store, such as different types of shoes that each have their own side-effect.