Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A

The latest Ultima Online Five on Friday Q&A carefully touches on a sensitive subject - exploits.
"Punctuation is cool and all, but where are all the exploit fixes?"

Exploit fixes are a tricky thing to talk about - it's terribly demoralizing for players when a well-known exploit seems to go ignored, and we'd love to be able to reassure you that it's getting fixed. However, we don't want to spread knowledge of a given exploit before the fix goes live, so we end up having to make vague statements ("We're fixing house placement exploits!") without giving any real detail. That's the situation we're in with publish 52 - when I was putting together that preview list, I cut out at least half a dozen exploit fixes, not including the house placement exploit stuff. Sometimes, we just want to be able to savor the image of all the exploiters suddenly discovering their favorite tricks don't work...