Titan Quest Masteries Mod Released

The long-anticipated Masteries Mod v1.00 is now available from Titan Quest Vault, which adds nine new masteries to Iron Lore's action RPG.
"Masteries" is a fan-made modification for the PC-game "TitanQuest". It replaces the nine masteries of the original game plus the xpack with nine new masteries.

The mod is free to download and to play of course. It was made with the dedication to "IronLore Entertainment", which we will truly miss.

Please note that using the mod is at your own risk. Although it has been tested extensively, and does not touch vital parts of the program, it might still cause some conflicts, especially when you try to use several modifications at the same time.

The mod is in English.

The nine masteries are:
Alchemy - the mastery for bombs and confusion
Archery - the mastery for bows
Bestiary - the mastery for pets
Chronosophy - the mastery for speed and slowing down
CloseCombat - the mastery for melee weapons
Construction - the mastery for objects of all kind
Mysticism - the mastery for damage against undead, healing and protection
Sorcery - the mastery for elemental damage
Vampirism - the mastery for bleeding, pierce and area-attacks
Thanks Claudius.