Dungeons & Dragons Online Interview

Ten Ton Hammer was able to corner Dungeons & Dragons Online senior producer Kate Paiz for a quick Q&A about their plans for PvP, the upcoming Monk class, crafting, and more.
Q: Are there any plans to put the (old school) demons and devils into the game at some point? Characters like Asmodeous and that sort?

A: We've made references to them, but thus far we've stayed away from major bad guys from the other source material.

Some of the characters Wizards of the Coast have simply thrown out completely from this setting, but we're using some of the NPCs to create our own villains and bringing in the elements from the other games to really flesh out the entire player experience. Players should have those experiences where they go, (Hey, I remember that guy!), and it should be from some of their older experiences with D&D products.

The old school references really do resonate well with the players, so we do spend a lot of time with the Monster Manual and really combing through and finding the most evocative and iconic monsters to bring to life. We try this, because we really want to have the mind flayer and others from these classic experiences.

It's also worth mentioning that they've whipped up another hands-on preview of the game's new Module 6 update, just in case you haven't heard enough about it yet.