Dungeon Runners Chunk 2 Preview

WarCry has put together a short overview of what we can expect from NCsoft's interestingly named "Chunk 2" update for Dungeon Runners.
The first thing that I should tell you is that if you are a Non-Member, you will be seeing ads. I know, when I heard that part I was a bit put off as well, but after seeing how it will be implemented I feel confident saying that the ads will be as non-intrusive as possible. These won't be "in-game" ads in the classic sense, but more "around-the-game" in nature. The most noticeable of these will be a banner ad at the top of the play screen. Yes, I heard you say that, and all I will tell you is that Diablo and StarCraft had one for years, and no-one said a word, even after you paid forty bucks for the game to begin with. Non-Members will also see static ads on load screens occasionally when switching zones. Video ads will play during login and logout. All fairly painless, really.

Ads in loading screens and cutscenes? Hmmm.