Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 7 Interview

RPG Vault has cranked out a three-page interview with LucasArts' Jake Neri and Tim Temmerman about Star Wars Galaxies' newly launched Chapter 7: A Collection of Heroes update.
Q: Without giving away too much information, what's the encounter on planet Lok about, where does it take place, and what makes it especially interesting?

A: The Lok encounter has players battling IG-88 and his crew of battle droids in a new instance. The players will find themselves in the middle of a droid facility, where they'll fight wave after wave of different droids using different tactics. Eventually, IG-88 will step in the battle. It's definitely a top tier, high-end encounter, so players will want to be in groups of six to eight 90s to put up a good show. I won't spoil all the story details, but you can grab the quest that leads to the encounter in the township of Aurilia.

Q: How about the Mos Espa one? How much of the city does it involve, and what's the situation or problem the players have to address?

A: This encounter is huge. We've copied the entire city of Mos Espa into an instance where players will be fighting Tusken Raiders. It's another high-level, big group effort, as players will fight to reclaim the entire city. We wanted this to be a complex instance where they do more than just fight endlessly, so it will definitely involve some strategy; you'll get bonuses for liberating certain city buildings, and can assign townsfolk to help you out.

It can take a long time; on one run, we spent nearly a whole hour trying to free the town. In the end, we've got a new boss that I don't want to give too much away about, and players can get some high-level armor that will improve their character's stats.