Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Developer Diary #2

RPGDot has kicked up a second developer diary for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, in which graphics designer Simon Trumpler talks about which aspect of the game he's currently working on.
At the moment I'm working on dragon statues, which means that I make a rough sketch of their shape, take our dragon, put it into the right pose, model a highly detailed pedestal for it, model a less detailed version, transfer the details of the high-poly model to the low-poly model, draw a texture for it, and test everything in the model viewer. When everything is done, we add the collision geometry, sort of a simpler version of the original, which you can't actually see in the game. Still, you'd notice if it were missing, because you could simply walk through an object that lacks collision geometry.

My tool for all of that is a 3D program called 3D Studio Max. However, I create the texture with good ol' Photoshop. Contrary to what people close to me believe, I don't just enter "> make.exe -3dmodel -cool" in the computer. So much for "He programs graphics!"