Dungeon Runners Interview

2404.org has posted an exclamation point-saturated interview with an unnamed member of NCsoft's Dungeon Runners development team.
Q: What are some of the character classes and the strengths and weaknesses of the character classes?

A: Dungeon Runners sports a classless RPG system. which means you can mix and match skills to make your favorite type of monster killer. This classless system determines your title based on what skills you have, your level and your attributes. However, when creating your character, you will be presented with three basic archetypes Fighter, Mage and Ranger. Fighters are good at smashing monsters to little bits. Mages excel at burning, freezing or zapping monsters to oblivion. Rangers are really good at poisoning and filling monsters with arrows or shotgun shells. Take your pick! Advanced players can easily mix and match skills to create their own custom class. It's a lot of fun!