EverQuest: The Buried Sea Wrap Report

RPG Vault has dished up a wrap report for EverQuest: The Buried Sea, in which three of the expansion's developers reflect back on its creation.
The experience of the development team is definitely EverQuest's biggest strength. The majority of our developers have been working on it for years now. They know the systems and the workflow like the back of their hand, so we can concentrate on design and implementation. This experience is what allows us to create consistently great content with a small team in a short timeframe.

From the content standpoint, we built the majority of the expansion's content to be supplemental to what was released in the previous expansion. Where The Serpent's Spine had a lot of open zones and very little instanced content, The Buried Sea is a much more structured journey, and most of its content is in the form of handcrafted missions. The goal was to ensure that we had a variety of content available to anyone and that our players have a lot of choices in what they want to do with their play time. I think The Buried Sea has succeeded in that regard.

The core features have likewise been a real strength for the game. The goal of facilitating group and raiding through guild banners and fellowships has worked out nicely. Players can much more quickly log in and be playing the game than in the past.