Neverwinter Nights 2 v1.05 Patch Coming Soon

Obsidian Entertainment community manager Rob McGinnis has updated his blog with an announcement that a final v1.05 patch for Neverwinter Nights 2 is planned for later this week. He even gives us a peek at some tweaks they have planned for v1.06:
Just a note about a few more 1.06 things. But first, regarding 1.05 Final, it seriously, really, probably, maybe, should be coming out early next week (which means this week - Rob)... That's about all I know about it. =)

EnableAreaWater() - Turn water rendering on/off in an area.
SpeakOneLinerConversation() - Now takes a volume parameter (Only supports talk, whisper, and shout)
SetScale() - changed to accept x, y, z axis as parameters
Dedicated Server now correctly lists modules in directory format that are located in the MyDocs directories.
Dedicated Server now takes a -moduledir parameter to allow launching modules stored in directory format to be loaded via command line parameters.