Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Review

Jolt Online Gaming has written up a quick review of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, giving Iron Lore's newly released expansion pack an overall score of 8.0/10:
All-in-all Immortal Throne is a typically solid expansion pack that adds a fairly considerable amount for both single-player and multiplayer gamers. There are no huge technical leaps or jarring presentational changes, just eight-or-so hours of extra content and some convenient and entertaining additions to the core gameplay. Of course, it's much, much more of the same and other than having highly detailed graphics and comprehensive audio, Immortal Throne does just as little to advance the genre as Titan Quest did. A Gold Edition is available and will save you a few quid over buying the games separately, but you won't get your money's worth unless you're prepared to spend a few dozen hours and what is little other than a very good Diablo clone.