Silverfall Previews

Both GameSpot and IGN PC have put together new previews of Monte Cristo's upcoming fantasy action RPG, Silverfall. A snip from GameSpot's article:
In addition to choosing skills for melee combat, ranged-weapon combat, elemental magic, and healing sorceries, your characters' "other" skill tree will include "alignment-based" skills. Unlike in other role-playing games, alignment won't determine your characters' ethical outlook--instead, it determines whether your character is a disciple of nature or a student of technology--and in fact, your choice of alignment will affect both the relationships you have with your teammates, which side quests are available to you, and even the rebuilding of Silverfall itself.

And a snip from IGN PC's article:
For those who prefer to game with others, Silverfall offers a number off multiplayer modes. Cooperative play for up to eight players is an option, though you'll need to play with the same people the whole way through, which could cause organizational issues. Depending on how many people are in the game, enemies scale up in difficulty and number. Smaller scale team fighting modes are available as well, also supporting up to eight players. Thankfully the game gives you the option to export your solo character and use them online, eliminating the need to build up separate characters. To further expand gameplay, the game will ship with an editor that allows players to write their own storylines, craft environments, and drop in monsters. These can then be played through with others.