Neverwinter Nights 2 Q&A

Killer Betties has posted a pre-release interview with various members of the Neverwinter Nights 2 development team, and while most of the information will be old news to those of you who have purchased the game, it does at least provide some detailed answers to several important questions.
Q: Are there any new prestige classes and if so what are they and their traits/how they'll be used in the game? The Warlock seems particular interesting. What kind of spells and such will he wield?

A: The warlock is a new base class where the character is born of a supernatural bloodline. Unlike a wizard or cleric who can only cast a limited number of spells per day, the warlock can use his powers at will. His primary power is the eldritch blast, a ray of raw magical energy which increases in strength as the warlock gains levels. Warlocks also have access to a small number of other powers which he can use to shape his eldritch blast (turning it into a cone instead of a ray, for example) or surround himself with an energy shield which deflects ranged attacks. A warlock is only allowed to learn a few of these supernatural powers so he must choose them carefully.

Seven new prestige classes have been added to Neverwinter Nights 2 - Arcane Trickster, Duelist, Neverwinter Nine, Shadow Thief of Amn, Eldritch Knight, Frenzied Berserker, and Warpriest. The Arcane Trickster is a mix of wizard and rogue, using his magical powers for larceny or mischief. The Duelist is a swashbuckler, wielding a light weapon and using speed and grace rather than brute force to defeat opponents. A Neverwinter Nine is an elite bodyguard with powers to shield whomever he's protecting as well as launch a devastating all-out assault on any would-be assassins. Shadow Thieves of Amn are members of the most powerful thieves' guild in the area, and being one accords the character instant respect in the criminal underworld. The Eldritch Knight is a combination of fighter and wizard, skilled with both weapons and spells in combat. The Frenzied Berserker is a warrior who thrills in the chaos of battle, willingly flying into an uncontrollable rage which allows the berserker to disregard personal defense in exchange for the ability to inflict massive damage on his foes. Finally, the Warpriest is a divine spellcaster with abilities to make allies fight harder and longer as well as frighten and demoralize enemies.