Neverwinter Nights 2 Elite Races Exposed

Obsidian Entertainment has released information and images for both the Tiefling and Aasimar races in Neverwinter Nights 2. You'll find the Tiefling profiled over at IGN's Neverwinter Vault:
What the aasimar is to celestials, the tiefling is to demons. Spawn from evil outsiders, tieflings are often persecuted by the ignorant. They are not necessarily evil, though many are, and their supernatural abilities and power cause the weak to fear them. Like the aasimar, they lack a cultural identity. Tieflings can be identified by demonic physical features, such as horns or a tail.

While the Aasimar has been profiled over at Warcry:
The aasimar are a (planetouched) race, meaning that they are they their heritage includes an entity from another plane. They are humans who possess the blood of a celestial being, such as a solar or deva. The aasimar exist throughout human society and lack much of a racial identity or culture, instead absorbing the culture of their home region. Aasimar make ideal divine spellcasters and sorcerers.