Titan Quest Reviews

THQ and Iron Lore's Titan Quest is the subject of three more fairly positive reviews around the web. The first is at The Gamers' Temple with an overall score of 82%:
    Overall Titan Quest is definitely recommendable to those looking for the simple pleasure of slaying thousands of monsters with their mouse. In depth and complex it is not, but it still can be fun and addicting in its own right.

The second is at IC-Games with an overall score of 80%:
    If you loved the Diablo series, get Titan Quest it's a simple as that. Newcomers really do have the most to gain though; Titan Quest has taken the best of the genre and polished it up for the 21st century.

And the third is at The Gaming Shack Network with an overall score of 8.0/10:
    A long single player campaign, with a well-integrated co-operative mode and the world creator feature provide a huge amount of playability. Mix that with the detailed graphics and you have quite a game. On the downside however, the choppy frame rate during big battles is worse than irritating, and again the voice acting is tiresome, and finally the sense of déjà vu from other RPG's stand in the way of Titan Quest being a really great game.