Neverwinter Nights 2 Preview

The guys at Warcry have posted a short preview of Neverwinter Nights 2, based on what they saw of the RPG sequel during a demonstration at GenCon Indy.
First we started off in the character creator. An area, I think they have already done an impressive amount of work in. Looking at the character screen, Feargus showed me the enhancement changes they have been working for the visual aspects of the character. Since E3, the devs felt that the looks of some of the characters were not quite right, so they went back and worked on the art and have put some serious time and effort in to making them look much better, but of course Feargus being the perfectionist he is said "we still have a bit more to-do". I was surprised as I sure thought they looked great, but then again I write code and articles for a living, so I don't catch the little details of art. We continued on through the character creation screen when I noticed the feats tab was a bit different. Instead of an alphabetical hunt and seek list of feats, there was a nice tabbed listing by type. So you expand and minimize the different lists such as general feats, proficiencies, and meta feats to name a few. Very nice to seeing what meta feats I needed with my wizard instead of scrolling up and down a list.