Titan Quest Reviews

Both NZGamer and Next Level Gaming have kicked up their own reviews for THQ and Iron Lore's Titan Quest. The review at NZGamer gives the game an overall score of 8.0/10:
All in all, Titan Quest is a good game. It does have its drawbacks, but these aren't completely fundamental. It gives gamers a fresh look to what is rapidly becoming a tired genre, even though the gameplay will seem familiar to seasoned RPG-ers. That said, this game is still highly enjoyable. The fact that I stayed up way too late playing this last night should testify to its addictive nature. If heavy mouse action does not put you off, then I recommend you at least check out the Titan Quest demo. Meanwhile, I plan to take my nature loving warrior through Delphi, on to Egypt and beyond.

While the review at Next Level Gaming gives the game an overall score of 84/100:
In the end Titan Quest is a solid game, it will not knock Diablo 2 off the thrown of greatest Hack '˜n Slash ever, but it definitely made a good showing for itself. If you are looking for a new Hack '˜n Slash title then you should give this game a look to see if it is right for you.