Justice League Heroes E3 Previews

Snowblind Studios' Justice League Heroes is the subject of three more E3 previews around the web. The first is at Next Level Gaming:
When you obtain a certain amount of experience you will level up and be able to put a certain amount of points into your characters moves or abilities giving you free control to setup your characters anyway you want. With all combat your character may suffer injuries, when this happens there is no need to run around looking for potions to recope your health, simply be patient and rest where you are. Nathian did mention that there will be different costumes available for each superhero. Unfortunately he wouldn't give me any details as which ones they would be or how many. Even though the demo did not have dialog, Nathan assured me that the final game would have action-packed dialog.

The second is at Just RPG:
All-star voice actors will be appearing in the game, including Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Blade II) as Batman, Michael Jai White (Spawn) as Green Lantern, and Crispin Freeman (Viewtiful Joe, Kingdom Hearts II) as Superman. Some comic book fans might pick up on some resemblance in the art style to the work of Alex Ross or Jim Lee. They're really trying to capture the essence of the DC Universe in this game, so the similarities are on purpose. There will be plenty of unique character animations, fantastic environments, and epic battles.

And the third is at GameShark:
The style of the battle system is similar to X-Men Legends, which is presented in a top down view on your characters, which works quite well. Now if you are only playing by yourself, the computer will control your second player. The AI of your teammate will also be adjustable to varying levels of reckless endangerment, and this means you will not end up with a handicap, as they may even remain alive longer than you. The enemy mechanics are currently quite vicious as well, with very nice AI. This includes Brainiac, a boss character, who uses little spider charges to try and kill you. These will literally skittle across the ground homing in on you, as he continues to attack.